About us? Where to begin…..




I’m Eliana Ramirez, better known as Eli, a Dominican-American from a tiny town in Massachusetts called Lawrence. I’ve been a receptionist and office manager for the past 4 1/2 years at a charter school in Washington, DC.  Working directly and indirectly with children and their families is the last career I could’ve imagined. Being able to watch them grow and be a positive push in the right direction has been priceless.





He’s Travis Vaughn, also known as Trav, an African-American, born and raised in the capital of the United States, Washington, DC. His passion and line of work for the past 7 years has been in commercial and editorial photography and video. On top of that, he’s spent the last two years as a barista and mixologist… a man of many trades.

We’re both 27 years old and met almost 10 years ago in a college dorm hallway in Philadelphia, PA. You could say that together, we’ve been through almost everything a couple could go through.  As “college sweethearts”, we’ve basically watched each other grow into the almost adults we are today. One thing we haven’t tackled, is depending on ourselves and each other in a foreign land, completely out of our comfort zones. If we can conquer this, then we could succeed at anything. So in October of 2015, we did what so many have done before us. We saved as much as we could, bought 2 one way tickets to Thailand and told our friends, families and jobs that we were leaving.


We’re nowhere near rich, we’re not on a gap-year, we definitely don’t know all of life’s mysteries. We’re simply a couple looking to see what else is out there in this world, figuring out a traveling lifestyle and on a mission to make it work. 


Like Emerson said, “life is a journey, not a destination.”


Now about you,


Society’s norms, the media, and social networking are a huge part of most our lives in America. We play into it because it’s fun, entertaining and socially acceptable. But what I feel is real, is you and the connection we share. Our loved ones, our highs, our lows, our plans, our fears, those are what matter most. When we find something great, we can’t wait to share it with everyone so we can all share in that moment. 


So this journey is also about you. Loved ones and strangers alike. We want to show and share as much as we can with as many people as possible. We dedicate this site to taking everyone we know to the other side of the world. We want you to see it through our eyes and we hope that this inspires you to do something you never dreamed possible… like you did for us.


-ER ♥︎