As young travelers ourselves, mistake making and lessons learned come in by the handful.  When we created this blog, we did so with the intent of keeping family and friends that we love up to date with our travels, but we also wanted to create a resource that would help young travelers with their first steps out on the road in the great unknown and find the journey of their dreams.  We hope that these guides, put together by us through first hand experience and research, will help you tackle the 3 big questions; where to go, what to bring, and where to stay

Keep Roaming, always, and remember, the world is indeed yours!

Where Should I Go?

Choosing a location to travel while on a budget isn't always an easy task. In this section we will discuss:


- World's cheapest travel destinations

- Planning your trip

- Obtaining necessary visas

- Pre-trip immunizations & vaccines

- Travel insurance

What Should I Bring?

Efficent packing can take weeks of research because the more you bring, the more you have to carry! In this section we will discuss:


- Picking the right bag for you

- Packing essentials

- Photo & video equipment

- Money Management

Where Should I Stay?

Whether money is an issue or not, you want to make sure your stay is comfortable on the road. Meaning no bed bugs! In this section we will discuss:


- Finding budget accomodations

- Deciphering reviews


Coming Soon!!