A "see you later"

It's now four more days until we get on that plane and head off to the other side of the world. Four more days of being in below freezing, snowy weather. Four more days of packing and re-packing. Four more days in our own bed. Four more days of being home in our comfort zone. Four more days to spend with loved ones. Some may never understand why we would want to leave the comfort, the familiarity, for the unknown. Some are very excited, inspired or even a little envious. We've encountered all of these emotions and more from family, friends and acquaintances. Needless to say, we feel so lucky to have something that makes saying goodbye see you later so hard.

It's a selfish moment when you decide to travel for a long time, not caring what anyone thinks. We made this decision solely for us. We were craving to see and find out what else the world had to offer before we had strings attached. Trav and I are both only-children with small families. The hardest part of our decision was telling our parents and friends we were leaving for an indefinite amount of time. We even made it a point to spend our holidays apart so that we can give our families as much time and attention as possible before we head off.

Our best friends, who are basically our brothers and sisters, were extremely supportive and encouraging. Our bosses and co-workers were upset that they were losing great employees, but were happy we were taking the leap. Our parents, on the other hand, took a little longer to understand our choice to drop everything and go.

My mother, for instance, came to the US from the Dominican Republic to make a better life for us. Even though she was a young single mom, she made sure I was never without. She got her bachelor's degree in nursing, all while raising a teenage me, got married, and ended up buying her own beautiful home. The American dream. It's what she worked so hard for and wants the same for me. Don't get me wrong, I do want the same, eventually. But at this point in my life, my dream is to experience the world's wonders in real time and not through some screen.

My mom doesn't want me to go and I understand why. I'm her only baby. Her only seed roaming the other side of the world, literally 12 hours ahead. I want her to know that she has shaped me into a woman that is strong, independent, reliable, and hard working. She has shown me that anything is possible regardless your shortcomings.

So to my mom, family, friends, and co-workers, I thank you for loving me the way you do. Thank you for the supportive words, thank you for the advice and even the disagreements. We will carry you always in our hearts and minds. Come along for the journey with us. It's gonna be a hell of a ride.

-ER ♥︎

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