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Back home, hostels are perceived as something out of a horror movie, literally. I've even had my own mother ask, "what is a hostel, are they bad?" I didn't really know how to explain it to her other than a cheaper version of a hotel. But it's so much more than that once you leave the states.

Being the inner-city peeps that we are, we figured the best way to get to our first hostel from the airport was by metro, Bangkok's MRT. Here, you can get to most parts of the city in under 3 bucks. We then walked for about twelve minutes down streets that turned to alleys to our little oasis away from home, the FAB Hostel, located in the southern Bangkok Sathorn area. It's owned by a friendly Thai/French couple who couldn't be further from awesome.

We rang the doorbell and were greeted by Taa, a sassy, sweet and cute Thai lady. Immediately after checking in she pulled out a map and showed us what area we were in, fun places to go and what was considered bullshit or not so we wouldn't waste time being scammed. We appreciated the honesty to say the least. Everything about the decor and build of FAB is comfortable, clean and goes along with the tropical feel of Thailand. The best part was the lounge area complete with a huge sectional couch, a hammock and a couple of sweet bean bag chairs. What made it even better was the revolving door of people we met in our 5 day stay at FAB.

We hung out and partied with 2 awesome guys from Germany, Lucas and Johannes, and JB from Philadelphia. All five of us grabbing motorbikes to the party central that is Khao San Road, felt like a race scene out of an Asian action movie. We look forward to one day going to visit Germany to see how they do it in their home turf. Last night we met the coolest ginger named Evie from London, traveling solo for 4 months, who we plan to meet up with in the islands of Thailand in April.

It's not something I've ever really paid attention to back home, but the more and more people I meet on the road, the more I realize we are all the same. People all over the world want the similar things out of life and end up being a lot more like minded than you would think. It's really eye opening and humbling to experience that firsthand.

Hostels are much more than a cheap stay when your bouncing around the world, it's where you meet fellow travelers who can inspire you while sharing a beer with you at the same time. I'm going to miss this place but look forward to our next stop. If you're ever in Bangkok, stop by Fab and tell Taa we sent you... and kiss baby Hugo for us!

-ER ♥︎

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