Dawn of Happiness

After 3 days in Ayutthaya, we hopped on a bus and rode three hours north to Sukothai, a small historical town in central Thailand that translates to Dawn of Happiness. It became the first independent Thai kingdom in the 13th century.

Sukothai is split into two sides, old city and new city. We found a cute $6 per night hostel in new city and pretty much relaxed, read and drank the most deliciously fresh fruit smoothies daily on our three day visit. It was a much needed breather from the whirlwind of our last 3 city visits.

The most famous part of Sukhothai is old city, or historical city. It houses the Sukhothai Historical Park which hold the restored ancient temples and monuments of when the kingdom was in its golden age. It's actually a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of its historical significance.

We took a taxi over to old city and rented some bikes across the street from the entrance of the park. Some form of transportation, either bike or motorbike, is needed to ride around the huge 27 square mile park. We decided to go an hour before sunset to avoid the heat and crowds. It was the best decision we made, it was almost like we had the park all to ourselves. It was a truly magically serene experience that made me feel instantly peaceful and elated at the same time. There were giant Buddhas all over the park in different poses and a dazzling lake with a bridge and a small grassy island. Being there at sunset made it even greater. To be surrounded by such history and beauty was an afternoon well spent. Sukhothai will hold a special place in my heart.

-ER ♥︎

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