Bangkok to Singapore, pt.2

That leads us to Singapore, where their way of life is in excess, flash and world order. We didn't really know what to expect on our way there. The only thing that we knew was that it was super expensive, like New York expensive.

So the best plan we had was to book the cheapest place possible and stay for 48 hours. We found a reasonably priced private room on AirBnB in a high rise apartment with a great family and the best cat named Ohana. They looked out for us and showed us the best places to eat, sights to see and how to get there on public transportation. It's always good to have locals of a new country close by to give you the best insight, especially since we were only going to be there for two days. After that, we hit the ground running.

In those short couple of days, we did a lot of walking through what seemed like endless malls and shopping centers, we ate some amazing curry and Chinese food and visited the "must see" sights. We shared the best cocktails at the top of the Marina Bay Sands, a 5 star hotel, that looks like three buildings with a boat lying on top of them. This hotel boasts luxury to the absolute max with hundreds of bars, restaurants, shops, entertainment and the worlds' biggest infinity pool. I was both in awe and felt so small in this enormous, surreal, over the top playground.

Gardens by the Bay is another big attraction because of the "Supertree" groves. There's 18 of these super tall (80 to 160 feet), solar powered, out of this world, man-made trees. The tree trunks are filled with greenery looking like vertical gardens. One of them has a tree top bar and another two are connected by a sky bridge that we paid to walk on. The line was so long to get onto the bridge that I'm sure we waited for like 30 minutes. We even ended up being cut in line by an old couple but it worked out in our favor because right when we got up there, the scheduled light and music show began. The trees lit up in sync with theatrical Disney music and it was really awesome that we got to see it from up high. Thanks to that couple for stepping in front of us.

We also had another experience with picture happy Chinese tourists when we went to visit the Merlion statue, Singapore's national mascot. It's a half lion, half fish representing the sea (mer) and Singapura (Lion City), the country's original name. Another bizarre Singapore attraction accompanied by dozens of Chinese tourists wanting to take pictures with us. It was pretty hilarious to say the least.

One night we decided to see how Singaporean twenty-somethings party and boy were we in for a crazy night. Partying at Zouk Nightclub, with its three clubs inside one of one building, was on another level. The expensive drinks were flowing, everyone was dancing and people were laying in many odd places because they were too wasted to stand. We thoroughly enjoyed dancing around to music that we would usually dance to at a club back home with a bunch of loose, Singapore rich kids.

Everything else in Singapore is the opposite of loose. From the public transportation to the man-made spectacles, thing are neatly placed and in line. Never have we seen a place so pristine. It was like a strange utopian fantasy where nothing bad or wildly fun really happens. The huge contrast between going from cheap, uninhibited Bangkok to crazy expensive and strict Singapore was mind blowing but certainly a place that's forever ingrained in my brain. If you're on a budget, two days is really all you need and if you're filthy rich, ball out!

-ER ♥︎

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